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Birth professional partner application pack Free CD for antenatal classes

Birth professional partner application pack Free CD for antenatal classes

Ref: CO035

Imagine how rewarding and satisfying your job would be like, if more mothers had normal birth outcomes.

Clinical research and experience shows that mothers who are confident, relaxed and positive have better birth outcomes. As a midwife, you know how different it feels to support this kind of mother, compared to one who is anxious, tense and scared.

The Natal Hypnotherapy programme is a series of self- hypnosis CDs that mothers listen to at home during their pregnancy. The CDs teach effective techniques for relaxation, breathing, visualisation and pain management, which empower women to have a more positive pregnancy and birth experience. Feedback has shown that the programme helps them overcome fears, be more confident and feel more positive, relaxed and in control.The CD programme comes with full instructions and requires no additional guidance or training from midwives.

Now imagine the benefits to you and your department

- Fewer risks and complications
- Reduced medicalisation of labour
- Fewer C-sections
- Less postnatal care required
- A quieter and calmer delivery suite
- More job satisfaction
- Reduced stress for you and your team

Natal Hypnotherapy™ have produced a special 15 minute pregnancy relaxation CD to be used by midwives and antenatal teachers at the end of their antenatal classes. The FREE CD teaches mums basic breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques. For your FREE copy simply press Add to Cart and proceed through checkout.

The Free CD is only available for birth professionals in the UK (midwives and antenatal teachers)
Apply now to become a birth professional partner and you will get a
1) free 15 min Pregnancy Relaxation CD for antenatal classes
2) unique birth professionals log in to our site to reorder leaflets or discounted CDs
3) free information leaflets on Natal Hypnotherapy products and services.
4) Natal Hypnotherapy Pen

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