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Does Hypnobirthing really work?

Maggie has been one of the leading hypnobirthing experts in the UK since 2000

Maggie has been one of the leading hypnobirthing experts in the UK since 2000

Maggie gave birth to her first son at home in 2000 after creating her own hypnosis for birth programme. She was so amazed at the effectiveness of the hypnotherapy (in spite of having never done anything like that before) that she retrained as a clinical hypnotherapist and a Doula in order to create Natal Hypnotherapy.

She has since gone on to give birth another 4 times, has trained over 1000+ midwives and helped over 150,000 women to have better birth experiences. She has gained the respect of thousands of midwives as her approach is seen to be one that is down to earth, achievable and in line with UK maternity guidelines.

Having trained hundreds of couples face to face, Maggie created the online hypnobirthing course to enable more couples to have access to the tools and techniques in the comfort of your own home. So by doing this hypnobirthing course you are benefitting directly from Maggie's personal experience, professional expertise and her extensive knowledge of the body and mind.

So If you would like to be really prepared, feel more in control, feel confident that you can give birth with as little intervention as possible and even begin to look forward to the birth, then follow this proven step by step birth preparation method.

This online hypnobirthing course enables to you learn all this in the comfort of your own home and at a time and pace that suits you. The course is available 24/7 in 16 bite sized modules so you can dip in and out when it suits you.

Unlike other courses, this in not a static - "sit and watch" type of online course - it is an interactive, multimedia course which encourages you to actively participate, practice and develop your hypnotherapy and birth skills. Plus you can ask maggie any questions as you go through the course and join the Facebook Group for support and advice.

"With a toddler it would have been impossible to attend a weekend course. I was so pleased I came across this course - even though it is online I still felt like Maggie was there helping me along every step of the way. I loved the interactions on the course, the homework and the exercises. My husband was able to dip into the appropriate modules which has also really helped him." Judy, UK
Does Hypnobirthing really work?

Does Hypnobirthing really work?

If you're anything like me I always like to check out reviews, get some stats and find out if something really works. So here are some numbers which may help:-

• 98% of women who have done the Natal Hypnotherapy Hypnobirthing programme would recommend it
• The c-section rate of women who have done this Hypnobirthing course is 14% (compared the UK average of 25%)
• All reviews for the online course are 5 star!!
• We have over 8000 followers on our facebook page!!
• Over 3,000 midwives and health professionals recommend it!!
• Over 300 doctors have chosed Natal Hypnotherapy for their birth preparation
• Over 150,000 women have used and benefitted from Maggie Howell's hypnobirthing method.

So from those numbers I hope you can see that

A. Hypnobirthing works
B. Many women before you have done it and benefitted from it
C. Health professionals love these techniques and want you to use use them!!

But you don't need to take our word for it. You will find amazing reivews all over the internet from Amazon to Numsnet to the NCT, plus our 5 star reviews speak for themselves.

"The Natal Hypnotherapy course was totally transformative for me. I just felt so relaxed, calm and in control throughout the whole process. I'd practiced all the techniques in advance and then it all just kicked in during the labour.

It was also great for my partner. It gave him the confidence to agree to a home birth and meant that he knew how to support me when I needed it. He's gone from being quite a cynic to Natal Hypnotherapy's biggest fan!
!" Hannah, Surrey

If you are worried it is a bit airy fairy...

If you are worried it is a bit airy fairy...

The Natal Hypnotherapy practitioner training has been accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and this online hypnobirthing class training is the same programme covered in the face to face courses. This is an evidence based course which has been developed and continuously improved to be in line with the latest clinical research and maternity guidelines.

This course uses science, research and logic to help you understand how the mind and body work, coupled with practical, informative and down to earth, yet hard hitting tools to help you address any fears or worries which have the potential to turn birth into the horror stories you may have heard.

Unlike many other courses which talk about all your choices and what you are supposed to do to prepare, this course actually shows you how to prepare with guided exercises, videos tutorials, audio recordings and printable handouts.

"Your online course is brilliant! The content is excellent: comprehensive, detailed, interesting and in bite sized modules. It strikes a great balance between the science and the art of birth. Compared to other hypnobirthing classes, yours is a lot more comprehensive, detailed and user friendly" Asal, Germany
Birth videos

Birth videos

Seeing is believing! So many of our fears come from the media portrayal of birth which is almost always negative and scary, so throughout the course you will be able to see how other mums have given birth after using Natal Hypnotherapy

We have chosen a variety of birth videos to show you including home births, birth in hospitals and maternity units and even a birth of twins. Many women who have done this course have found these to be a really powerful way to reframe what birth can be like. Just click on the link here to watch these great hypnobirthing birth videos by mums using Natal Hypnotherapy to birth.

What do mums say about the Natal Hypnotherapy online hypnobirthing class?

You can read more birth stories from mums who have done the course by clicking here

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