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Hypnobirthing Download Instructions

Hypnobirthing Download Instructions

We are here to help you
If you are not very technical, don't worry, we have step by step Hypnobirthing Download Instructions for you to follow with pictures so it should be easy for you.

The content is the same across the formats we supply
For example, whether you buy the Effective Birth Preparation for Hosptial birth on CD, mp3 or as an m4a file, the content (the actual audio you hear and suggestions) are the same. This is true for the other titles in our range aswell.

File formats
There are some basic key things to understand as there are different file formats in all downloads. There are two types we use
• MP3 files - which work well with PC's, Macs and Android devices, but these do not work directly with iPhones or iPads
• m4a files - which work well with iPhones and iPads, used via DropBox, but not with PC's, Macs and Android devices

So I am ready to download my tracks what do I do?
Please read our Hypnobirthing Download Instructions carefully. If you run into problems, we will do our best to help you.

I have bought the wrong file type - what do I do?
If you have accidently bought the wrong file type, please don't worry, contact us and we will swop them over for you and help you as much as we can.

So if you have bought an mp3 file, you will not be able to download it to an iPhone or iPad directly. You can still download these files to a PC or Mac, then import to iTunes on the computer, and connect your computer to your iPhone/iPad and sync. Please read our Hypnobirthing Download Instructions

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