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Apply here to become a Trade Partner

Become a Trade Partner and increase your profitability

Choose your preferred option
You can choose one of two options to, either
a) "Receive bespoke special offer packages" See below - OR
b) "Choose your own products" and apply to become a trade partner here, get a login, then get trade discounts on what you order. If you go for the "Choose your own products" option then remember to buy 2 of each product and put in the coupon code to get the new trade customer discount.

Bespoke special offer packages "
Select your market segment below to become a trade partner and take advantage of our special packages for new customers (1st order only). The packages are tailored to each market segment and include a selection of the best selling products for your market. There are three packages to suit different budgets.
"Starter Package" - Get started with a minimum of stock to 'test the water'
"Upgrade Package" - For the slightly more confident keeping a careful eye on spend
"Optimum Package" - Take maximium advantage of our amazing offer and set yourself up for even greater success

When you order a package you automatically become a Trade partner and you will also get FREE of charge
1) product Information CD with all the web ready details on our products and services.
2) information leaflets on Natal Hypnotherapy products and services
3) price list, payment details,
4) terms and conditions
5) Natal Hypnotherapy pen

We will also send you an email with your unique trade partner log in so you get special offers and CDs at trade discounted rates.

We may need to verify the information you provide us.

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