IVF Hypno Fertility - Supporting you through IVF treatment MP3 download

IVF Hypno Fertility - Supporting you through IVF treatment MP3 download

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How does The IVF Companion mp3/m4a work?

IVF can be a very difficult, stressful and emotional process. For many women the transition from planning on conceiving a baby by using the body’s natural approach to a medical and clinical procedure can have additional concerns.

Women who are more relaxed during IVF have been shown to have a higher chance of success and are better able to deal with all the procedures involved. A clinical trial in Israel showed that women who used Hypnosis during IVF had double the chance of success.

Natal hypnotherapy™ has bought out the first self hypnosis mp3/m4a dedicated to helping women effective through IVF. This effective mp3/m4a helps with relaxation and guided visualisation to help you emotionally, mentally and physically prepare your body for successful IVF.

The mp3/m4a consists of soft back ground music with a soothing voice taking you into deep relaxation followed by positive suggestions and encouraging visualisation.

When to listen to the mp3/m4a?

The mp3/m4a has 3 tracks. The first is an introduction and only need be listened to once.

The second is to be listened to every day from the beginning of your treatment until the replacement of embryos. This track focuses on preparing you for the clinical procedures, helping you manage daily injections, helping with the changes taking place in your body and you keep positive and relaxed.

Once the embryos have been replaced you can start listening to the third track, which is focused on helping you stay relaxed, focused on other things (not just on the IVF) and helps with visualisations to encourage your body to accept and develop the embryos.