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Vaginal Birth After Caesarean - M4a Download

Vaginal Birth After Caesarean - M4a Download

Ref: 9781910756041

The VBAC Preparation has two tracks in an m4a format. The first m4a is a clearing, releasing and relaxing m4a. Using the m4a from 20 weeks onwards will help you overcome negative emotions and issues relating to your past caesarean experience. The m4a helps you to recognize fears and concerns which are directly connected to your previous experience and then takes you, step by step through a powerful "letting go" exercises. This enables you to "clear the path" and look ahead to the next birth, recognizing that every birth is so unique and every labour is different. The m4a then moves you to a new place where you can increase your confidence and inherent trust and belief in your bodies ability to give birth vaginally.

The second m4a takes you on a guided visualisation through giving birth vaginally. It focuses on increasing your confidence, courage, being in control, ability to communicate effectively and to make decisions in a clear, calm way.

Price: $10.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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